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nis-tarihleme Ek okuma

My simply take: I’ve a casual, sincere and you may match matchmaking

My simply take: I've a casual, sincere and you may match matchmaking

I'm 38 yrs . old, and you can my hubby is 46. We have a couple of sons, old 10 and you may 14. My earlier man are a good swimmer and player, young plays basketball and learns karate. None has actually dining problems, psychological state issues or persistent health conditions. I'm a far more forceful individual than just my hubby, who's calmer, more patient, and knowledgeable than simply I'm. I am also more gregarious and spontaneous than simply he could be, plus comfortable exhibiting physical love.

My hubby might have been a participative dad, and contains constantly over more his fair share off putting up in the which have handling for them, since that time they were children; I have been the primary way to obtain "authority" within their life, plus in costs of the instructional and you may societal aspects of the growth.